Willow Misterly, print maker
My work as an individual artist is printmaking, which is an umbrella term for carving an image onto a surface, rolling ink across that surface, and creating replicas of that image by utilizing a printing press. I discovered my passion for printmaking at Western Washington University my sophomore year in college. During an initial Introduction to Printmaking course I experimented with a variety of printmaking processes, like carving into zinc, linoleum, and wood. Thus, I learned that I am drawn to the technical skills that are pertinent to becoming an established printmaker.

Recently not having a printing press has given me the opportunity to focus, explore and develop techniques within relief printmaking as well as carving into linoleum and hand pressing my images. I am currently most drawn to this technique. However, there really is not one part of printmaking that is more stimulating than the other. The entire development from designing the image, placing it on the surface, to carving, and inking, intrigues me.